The Thick Skinned are those that win the Race

Have you heard about ‘coffee dates’? Where individuals basically message strangers and say something along the lines of, ” Hi! I am _________ and I am working towards my goal of becoming a __________. I find that what you have accomplished in your life so far is an inspiration. I was wondering if I would be able to buy you a coffee and ten minutes of your time to chat about the road to becoming a __________” (for me, the blank would be ‘human rights activist’). I never really gave this much thought until two separate people told me that that was how they found their jobs. Interestingly enough, those conversations that provided me with a novel epiphany happened during a party in someone’s garage. (Note to self: you will never know when you will come face-to-face with new opportunities!)

The people who suggested this idea to me were likeminded people – individuals who want to do good and make a difference in this world. I have been in such a stump since applying for over a hundred jobs and not getting one single call back in January that I have taken a break from accomplishing my dream. I am now currently working two part-time jobs, of course still volunteering, but I definitely know that my brain is craving more at this time and age. I am not one to be satisfied by a 9 to 5 job where I can leave my job at work. I want to have a job where I can help people, where I will want to think about it when I come home after and talk about it with my significant other, where I don’t even think of it as a ‘job’, more like my dream. I am craving for that day. What is the worst that can happen when you approach someone for a coffee date? By being ignored? I think I can handle that.

If you have done this before, leave a comment below! I would love some inspiration.


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