There has been a lot of conversations about Bruce Jenner lately. Some are supportive, some are eager to show their discontent, and many are silent. I understand that the topic of trans-gender people is novel and uncomfortable for some people. I understand that it may just be that they do not know what is the ‘correct’ way of discussing it. However I believe that it is a conversation that needs to be addressed as much as possible. By intelligently talking about it, we are better able to see the prejudices that we carry with us.


If we can finally accept the fact that gender and sex is not black and white, if we can finally accept the Kinsey scale (which was introduced over FIFTY years ago), if we can finally look at our prejudices without making excuses for them and blaming society or politics, then maybe that is the moment we can finally make a tangible impact for trans-gender people such as rights, legal protections, and the simplest respect.


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